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Second Presbyterian Church Records

SPC Reel 1&2
Reel 1 Format Pages Size (Mb)
Table of Contents JPG PDF 2 0.1
Semi-centenary History of Second JPG PDF 7 1
 Presbyterian Church 1888
Congregational Minutes 1838-1933 JPG PDF 150 30
Session Minutes 1838-1870 JPG PDF 130 24
Session Minutes 1870-1897 JPG PDF 134 22
Session Minutes 1897-1927 JPG PDF 102 17
Reel 2 Format Pages Size (Mb)
Table of Contents JPG PDF 2 0.1
Session Minutes 1927-1935 JPG PDF 43 9
Trustees Minutes 1919-1935 JPG PDF 46 6
Register 1869-1897 JPG PDF 79 13
Register 1897-1923 JPG PDF 87 9
Register 1923-1935 JPG PDF 49 9
Treasurers Accounts 1889-1917 JPG PDF 93 11
Bills and Receipts 1916-1918 JPG PDF 19 2